Turkey and Greece, Holidaying Can’t Get Any Better

It is a country which offers something different to the tourists. Turkey travels include visiting a large number of interesting places. Turkey has a rich culture. It is said that in this country the east meets the west. Istanbul is the city where you must go if you are going to Turkey. There are a large number of heritage places in this city.

One can visit a large number of beautiful mosques and churches while you are in Istanbul. The Dolmbahce and Topkapi are the famous palaces which you should visit while holidaying in Istanbul. People who love beaches would love to go to the Aegean coast in Turkey. Numerous tourists come to this coast for visiting beautiful towns and exotic beaches.

Another exotic holiday destination is Greece. When we talk about Greece travels then the first thing which comes to mind is Roman architecture and emperors. There are numerous ancient forts and palaces in Greece. In many poems, the beauty of Greece has been mentioned. Various beautiful islands where people can enjoy

to their holidays to the fullest are present in this country. Athens is the capital city of Greece which all tourists must visit for experiencing the true culture of the country.

If you wish to visit beautiful monasteries then you should go to Meteora. One can rejuvenate his soul by visiting these serene monasteries. If archaeology interests you then you would love to visit Delphi. In the Delphi museum, tourists can see a large number of historical statues. Corinth is another interesting destination to visit in Greece. Roman architecture is present in abundance in this city. Naxos, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and Dodecanese are some of the islands which are very popular among tourists in Greece.

Greece – The Carnival In Patras

Greece’s most well-attended carnival celebrations take place in its third-largest city, Patras. The Patras Carnival is a huge commercialised affair. No less than one quarter of the population of the city is said to be involved in some way in the preparations, such as the manufacture of masks and floats; and approximately 50,000 people in costumes parade the streets for many of the forty days during which the celebrations last. Certainly the Patras Carnival makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

The Patras Carnival first appeared as a noteworthy event in 1860, when it was very much under the influence of the carnival tradition of the Ionian Islands, which is in turn based upon that of Venice. At the beginning of the twentieth century satirical floats were introduced. Other additions include the Chocolate War, when boys and girls on the floats throw chocolate to spectators. The “Black Domino”, a masked ball known as the Bourboulia gave women the opportunity to participate; by wearing black dominos (a black dress with a hood) and mask, they could attend while remaining quite anonymous, and so not compromising their reputations. The carnival fell into abeyance during the disturbed years of the German Occupation and the Civil War, and was revived in 1951. But it was in 1966, with the introduction of the “Treasure Hunt”, that it developed into the national institution it has become today.

The festivities begin as early as January 17th Saint Anthony’s Day, with parades and fireworks. From that point onwards, the weekends and Wednesday evenings are devoted to merrymaking. The entire town is taken over for the official three weeks of carnival proper, as people of all ages wear their masks and fancy dress, and go out in the streets to dance. Special events include the reading of folk tales, and barbecues held on Smoky Thursday. Each day, after the formal parades with floats, the party continues in the many cafes, ouzeris, bars, and other night spots of this lively city.

On the evening of the last Sunday of the Carnival, the Carnival King is paraded and then burned on the central quay of the harbour at midnight, when there is also a magnificent firework display.

Five Reasons to Visit Greece

Greece is a country with numerous contributions to modern civilization, perhaps more than any country. It is the cradle of democracy, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and home to many of the most brilliant philosophers, scientists, writers and artists that the world has ever produced, such as Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Euclid, Euripedes and Praxiteles. True, most of these contributions may not be tangible. However, those that are can only be seen or best experienced when you visit Greece.

1. Ancient Monuments

The ancient city-state of Athens was one of the most powerful cities of its time and although Athens has changed a lot over the past centuries, it still has ruins of many ancient monuments that are reminders of its glorious age – which are all must-see attractions when you visit Greece. The most popular ones, of course, can be found on the Acropolis, like the Parthenon, the Erectheion, the Propylaea and the Temple of Athena Nike, while other impressive ones, like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Poseidon, the Kerameikos necropolis and the Theatre of Dionysius are scattered throughout the city.

Aside from the ancient monuments in Athens, you will also find equally interesting ones in other cities, like the Temple of Demeter at Naxos, the Temple of Apollo at Gortyna and Delphi and the Knossos Palace in Crete. In fact, wherever you go in Greece, you are sure to see a remarkable archaeological site just nearby.

There are many excellent archaeological museums all over Greece, too, to help you learn more about its ancient history and culture, like the Athens National Archaeological Museum, which is the largest museum in Greece, the Delphi Museum, the Thera Prehistoric Museum and the Heraklion Museum, which contain artifacts, particularly sculptures and statues, from its archaeological sites.

2. Idyllic Beaches

One of the reasons why Greece is considered to be such a romantic destination is because it has a long coastline dotted with idyllic beaches, most of which offer white sand and warm, crystal waters, while some are backed by dramatic cliffs and villas. Many of these are Blue Flag beaches, too, with the best ones found in Kefalonia and Zakynthos, while nudism is acceptable almost everywhere, but most particularly on Banana Beach in Skiathos and Eresos Beach in Lesvos. There are many great diving spots, too, and several sea caves to explore.

3. Gastronomy

Greek food is often described as healthy, so make sure you get your fill when you visit Greece. This is because olives and olive oil are widely used, most of which are grown and produced in Kalamata and Crete. There are many vegetable dishes, too, such as Greek Salad, baked beans and cabbage rolls, although meat dishes like oven-baked lamb, Gyros (roasted meat) and Souvlaki (skewered meat) are also popular. As for desserts, many are made with nuts and honey, the most popular one being Baklava, while wine is the most common drink. In fact, there are some that say wine originated in Greece.

4. Greece by Night

Partying all night is another reason to visit Greece. Indeed, Greece is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, particularly in its capital city, Athens, and in the islands of Mykonos, Skiathos, Corfu and Samos, where the party can go on until seven in the morning. During the summer, most of the parties take place at the seaside, where you can start the evening with a stroll and cap it with watching the glorious sunrise…if you’re still on your feet, that is.

5. Movie Locations in Greece

With its beautiful scenery, it comes as no surprise that film crews and celebrities visit Greece to shoot their movies, and if you’re lucky, you might catch them in the middle of the filming. Don’t be upset if you don’t, though, since there are still many movie locations you can visit like the Aghia Triatha monastery at Meteora where scenes from the Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’ took place or Skopelos, where some scenes from ‘Mamma Mia!’ were filmed.

Greece Travel Guide

Romanticism is something that dwells in every human heart. And it is a bridge that not only beautifies relationships between human beings but also relates a man passionately with culture, history, art and literature. However, if you are a painter or a poet or a novelist or architect or someone who is romantic in nature and loves traveling, there is a paradise called Greece, waiting for you. The only thing that you need to do besides packing your baggage is to go through the Greece travel guide, which will guide you throughout your romantic and classical journey of Greece.

A part of ancient history that marks its establishment in 3000B.C, Greece is the icon of various potential civilizations like Cycladic, Mycenaean and Minoan. Not only this much, the most significant part of the Greek Civilization is the establishment of its two city states. Athens, the capital of Greece in 800 B.C and Sparta in 500B.C. Athens is the most visited place of Greece due to some factors besides being the capital. It has various extraordinary monuments and rich in historical places like Acropolis and Parthenon. In fact, every region of Greece has a history to tell. Moreover, there cultural richness and dynamic appearance differs them from other country.

However, if you think you love mother-nature more than anything else then the must- visit-place is Southern Greece that is the Peninsula of Peloponnesos. The picturesque beauty combined with its classical appearance will definitely make you fall in love with the place at first sight.

Besides these ancient beauties, the Greece travel guide will also lead you through some charming and exciting islands of Greece. Islands are considered to be the ornaments of Greece and for which the country is quite famous. Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, Rhodes, and Crete are few well known and amazing islands whose scenic beauty and thrilling atmosphere will definitely leave you spellbound. Because the main attraction of these islands are the impressive sand beaches, there soothing weather conditions and architecture of the houses built there.

Moving further with our Greece travel guide, you will be surprised to know that though Greece is famous for its history, romance and classical beauty but Greece, at present is also one of the lively and exciting modern countries of Europe. Not to mention that it is the birth place of Olympic Games that adds to its pride. However, before moving, it is very important to have a first hand knowledge not only about the places but also about the Greek culture, its lifestyle, diversity, geographical settings, climatic conditions etc.

Next comes, staying in Greece. In this regard, it should be mentioned that finding a good and comfortable hotel as per your budget in any part of Greece is not difficult. You can opt for two, three, four, five star hotels or can go for resorts and airy apartments. Mentioning about the services and hospitality, you can be well assured that their warm-natured hospitality and their varied services are just unquestionable.

Talking about foods, when indigenous tradition cuisine is mixed with foreign taste, it makes unique combination. Same is applied for Greek cuisines. Moreover, their diet mainly includes seafood, beef, pork, chicken and even vegetables, herbs, grains. Stir fried lambs or sushi is quite famous. Bread and wine are common for dinner.

Therefore, the only thing that is left is to choose and select the particular spots with the help of the Greece travel guide and move on a peaceful, romantic, tasteful and exciting journey of Greece.

British Travellers Go For Cheap Holidays In Europe

Thousands of British Tourists go for cheap holiday deals to the Mediterranean each year. This rainy summer made Britons leave England to look for some sunshine abroad. There were many great offers from tour operators as the demand was quite high.

Top destinations offering cheap holidays are Greek Islands, Cyprus, Hurgada, Sharm el Sheikh, Tunisia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Spain, Portugal, Luxor, Maldives, Goa, Mexico, and Kenya, Caribbean and Ski resorts like Andorra, Sweden and other.

Travel related websites have also had record numbers of hits in June and July. Brent Hoberman, the founder of lastminute.com says: “More people are booking their holiday last minute. The bad weather is obviously a factor this summer, but people are also just more confident that they will get the best deals by leaving it until late.” Spain remains the most popular destination for last-minute bookers in search of the sun. Destinations such as Turkey and Bulgaria offer better value for money. “Turkey really has been the biggest success story of recent years,” Mr Tipton says. “It has gone from having around 100,000 visitors a year to over a million.”(Anabell Fallon, 2004, Independent on Sunday)

Greece is also one of the most famous destinations for British travelers. Greece attracts over 16 million tourists a year. The country has been an attraction for international visitors due to its rich and long history, for its glorious Mediterranean coastline and beaches, the mild climate and fantastic cuisine. There plenty of cheap holiday packages to Greece from all British airports mainly to the Greek islands which of them most famous are Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Zante.

There are a few ways of finding cheap holiday deals flying from British airports. By the late 1950s and 1960s cheap package holidays emerged, which combined flights, transfers and accommodation and provided the opportunity for British people to travel more often in affordable prices. However just recently a growing number of travelers are avoiding package holidays and instead are traveling with low cost airlines such as Easy jet , Ryan air and BMI Baby and booking their own accommodation,

The need for British people to escape more often in affordable prices and the growth of Internet has changed the way travelers search for holidays. Many people now have become travel agents in their own home, and book their holiday direct from the Internet in better prices.

Travel to Europe – Southern Europe

When the decision to travel to Europe is reached, the problem is that Europe can’t be understood as one single country, as you could do with the United States. The cultural background that it exists in every country is absolutely different from the neighbors and has a completely different history. Most of times, it will also have a different language.

The way Europe has developed and this strong differences between regions makes it easier to take a decision on where you want to go. Taking the continent in some parts, the one I am going to explore in this article is Southern Europe

That could be the European Miami, and it consists mainly of Spain, Italy and Greece. Croatia recently has grown in tourism but it is still far on the way. The visitor that wants to go to Southern Europe in the summer is mainly a Sun & Beach tourist, somebody looking to get to the most beautiful beaches, hot waters, etc. Yes, these are the ones that come back home completely toasted because they forgot to put some sun cream on.

In any case, the southern region offers many more than sun and beach, even if publicity campaigns sometimes seem to show the opposite. They have a very strong past, as enormous civilizations colonized this lands in ancient periods. Italy has worldwide fame for its eternal architecture, Greece offers some of the most ancient structures, specially in its capital, but also around all the islands and in the central zone of the country, as Meteora Monasteries. Spain also has a very strong history of getting conquered and being reconquered again. This continuous movement has brought many cultures to step foot in there and this has left many visible forms of art. In the southern part of the country, the Arabic influence was very strong during one period, and some of the most beautiful buildings from this time are still standing there.

The three countries are also famous for the Mediterranean blood that runs through the veins of its individuals. Probably the actual demanding society and stress is not really helping this spirit to roam there forever, but still you will find a different character from the rest of Europe. Probably easier to make the first contact, but at same more difficult to make a real ever lasting friend. The spontaneous character is good for going out, but sometimes not for the longer relationship. Italians, after all, have won the prize for the most outgoing people in Europe.

When it comes to food, Mediterranean culture takes many good things from the sea and also has some of the most balanced diets you can ever find. Also, specially Spain and Italy, are famous for wine production.

You will not encounter the most clean cities of Europe in this region. The way of life tends to be a bit disrespectful for public spaces and nature, and this is a lesson that should be learned as soon as possible. Security level is the lowest in the developed part of Europe, but normally it will not consists of direct physical violence, but most of stealing problems due to certain levels of poverty. Put an eye on every bag you have, hide your money in proper places, and avoid at all costs going alone at night in solitary places.

Airline connections are very good specially for Spain and Italy, as they are strongly linked by Ryanair. If you want to travel to Greece, you can also find some higher fare flights from Italy, take a ferry from Italy to Greece, or simply make a connecting flight from Spain to London with Ryanair, and from there to Greece with EasyJet. The train service is not bad, but still it has a lot to improve in accessing certain spaces.

Finally, for the skiing lovers, remember that mainly in Spain and Italy you will have the opportunity of great skiing opportunities, Cruise lovers will get their best in Greece touring around the islands, or simply taking a Mediterranean cruise that will explore the three countries and even Turkey in the same package.

Finding the Best in Budget Travel Greece

If you’re planning a long awaited vacation to Greece and you want to get the best deal for your money, regardless of the amount of time you plan to travel, finding the best budget travel Greece options is crucial. Using the best budget travel Greece practices available will ensure a great vacation to see and do everything you want.

Determining the best budget travel Greece tips will depend on how you plan to travel. Cruise ships have great travel options and a flight package that has been put together very well will also include excellent budget traveling opportunities.

Cruise Packages

If a cruise is your mode of travel, there are numerous packages offered that can utilize budget travel Greece options without giving up amenities or settling for an inferior trip. These types of packages can include land and cruise packages, land packages only, Greek Island packages, country combination packages that include traveling to a second country and extensions which can add an additional 3 days to your original package with choices such as Cyprus, Rome, Egypt and Turkey. Country combination packages may also offer escorted tours.

Flight Packages

Depending on the time of year you plan to travel, both to and from Greece, can have a significant impact on your choice of a budget travel Greece option. A round-trip adult ticket during the non-peak season or summer specials, for example, can mean a substantial savings. Whether flying business class or economy class, special discount packages are available. Another package option that may offer special pricing is the flight plus cruise deal.

Budget Travel Greece Accommodations and Transportation

If you are flying to Greece and booking accommodations, there are numerous economy hotels available to fit your budget. Other budget travel Greece accommodations include bungalows, studio apartments and youth hostels. For sightseeing trips out of the city, you will need transportation. Whether you pick up a vehicle at the airport or from your hotel, there are discount cars for hire. If you want to hire a car and driver and be driven around to your chosen places of interest, depending on how far you plan to travel may or may not make this option a bargain. If you choose to sightsee on your own, there are quite a few local discount car rental companies as well as well known companies offering everything from economy cars and convertibles to full sized family vans and sports utility vehicles.

Travel to Greece – Essentials You Should Never Forget

Greece is a famous holiday destination and it is indeed a nice place to travel. In spite of world wide recession, travel to Greece is neither troublesome nor very expensive; rather it would be surprising to see the trains and cruises are booked in advance in the pick tourist season like in the month of July, August, and in September. Therefore those who are planning for travel to Greece, it is better for them to arrange all the trains’ tickets and cruise bookings in advance otherwise it will be difficult to enjoy Greece in its fullest form.

Traveling Greece by train is a wonderful experience for the foreign tourists and most of these trains’ tickets are available on 90 days advance booking. The ferry tickets especially for Athens, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini etc. are always in demand, especially for the hi-speed ferry boats, therefore it is safe to book the tickets for these ferry boats via online booking.

Taking lots of clothes is a big problem while traveling; however, it is wise to be planned and meticulous while packing for the clothes. A pair of jeans, a few t-shirts, a good looking comfortable wearing shoe and another pair of comfortable footwear should be taken in the bag for comfortable movement. It is always recommended travel to Greece not as tourist; it is better to dress alike local people not like foreigners. Ladies can consider for wearing Capri pants, fancy but comfortable tops, and comfortable shoes for their travel journeys. However, for religious places, shorts are not allowed nor the ladies can wear shoulder off tops or knee- length skirts.

The summer time is best for travel to Greece; however, it is good to be prepared for scorching Mediterranean sun shine to greet the tourists. Cotton wears is the best, drinking lots of liquid is good for health and antidote for dehydration; old churches are the best palace to cool down.